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What to do - and not to do - if you get pulled over

The majority of traffic stops start off as routine events. Sadly, they can become tragic in short order. Following several incidents where police officers killed motorists or vice versa, more legislators are working to train drivers how to respond to being pulled over. Here are some tips that might help you make it through a stop.

Know the law: Can I refuse a breathalyzer test?

It's a pretty common question. You may have even talked to your friends about it at the bar. Can you refuse to take a breathalyzer test?

If you're looking for a way to avoid a potential DUI, it may be a question on your mind. In New Jersey, the answer is clear.

Keeping teen drivers safe - and on the right side of the law

It's a milestone for teens - and the start of many sleepless nights for parents. Your son or daughter has just gotten their driver's license. Raising a safe, responsible driver is one of your highest priorities. Traffic violations can not only put your teen's life at risk; they can also rack up points against your son or daughter's driving record.

How DWIs affect truck drivers

For truck drivers, a DWI isn't just a traffic offense. It can also jeopardize your livelihood.

Truckers and other commercial drivers are held to higher standards than the general public when it comes to driving sober. The blood alcohol limit for non-commercial drivers is .08%. For CDL holders, however, that limit is cut in half - to .04%.

What are the consequences?

Underage DUI can derail your teen's future

No parent wants to hear the dreaded news that their child has been in a car accident - or, even worse, that they were drinking behind the wheel. Yet it happens far more often than you'd think.

Teen drivers already face an alarmingly higher risk of crashing. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, they're three times more likely to get into accidents than older drivers. Add drinking into the equation, and you have a recipe for tragedy.

The legal consequences of underage DUI

Which traffic violations can potentially cost you your license?

It's easy to take your driving privileges for granted - until you're on the verge of losing them.

New Jersey uses a points system to track traffic violations and penalize drivers who get too many tickets. If you have six or more points against your license within a three-year period, you'll get hit with a surcharge. With twelve or more points, your license will be suspended. Moving violations can also affect your insurance rates.

Facial recognition tools in law enforcement: Is Big Brother watching you?

Most of us are familiar with facial recognition software from TV shows and movies. Investigators use computers to swiftly locate suspects and solve crimes - all with the touch of a button.

Yet here's a startling fact few of us realize: Facial recognition software isn't purely fictional. The FBI has been using it for years. So, too, are a growing number of state and local law enforcement agencies.

What a DUI means for college students

It's that time of year: Classes are starting up again, athletic team practices are well underway, and college students across the state are reconnecting with familiar faces and meeting new friends. It's also the time of year for parties. Homecoming, Halloween, frat mixers and other get-togethers often result in an uptick in DUI arrests.

So what, exactly, can college students expect if they're facing DUI charges?

3 Reasons To Fight Your Traffic Ticket

Have you been charged with speeding, reckless driving or another moving violation? You might think it won't affect you much other than what it costs you to pay the fine. However, you should consult an attorney to learn more about the consequences of a traffic ticket.

1. Higher insurance premiums

Although automobile insurers employ different methods to calculate insurance premiums, the New Jersey Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) cautions that traffic violations typically result in higher insurance premiums. In addition to fines and fees, the negative financial impact of one or more traffic tickets can be significant.

The real cost of a DUI

DUIs can be very expensive, but not always in the way you would think. While the state of New Jersey imposes fines, fees and surcharges for both first-time and repeat offenses, there are other costs to be aware of.

Initial fines and penalties

In New Jersey, the fines, fees, surcharges and other penalties you incur if convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol depend on whether it is your first or a repeat offense - and how high your blood-alcohol content (BAC) was. First-time offenders with a BAC higher than 0.08 percent but lower than 0.10 percent face:

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