Charged With Domestic Violence? You Need Help Now!

Domestic violence, or spousal abuse, allegations often result from false accusations and over-exaggerations. This is especially true if divorce or child custody proceedings are ongoing. Unfortunately, these charges do more than interfere with ongoing family law matters; they cause serious criminal consequences.

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For over 25 years, people throughout New Jersey and New York have turned to me, attorney Thomas Blauvelt, for help fighting domestic violence charges. They know I take their cases seriously, and do everything in my power to defeat their charges. I will also help you deal with any restraining orders that have been filed.

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What Is Domestic Violence?

For an offense to be considered domestic violence in New Jersey, it must occur between: spouses (or former spouses), roommates or anyone you have lived with in the past, boyfriends and girlfriends, or individuals having or who have a child together.

Some of the penalties attached to a New Jersey domestic violence conviction include:

As logic would have it, penalties go up for those individuals that have a history of domestic violence issues or a criminal record that involves violence.

There are also civil consequences, such as restraining orders. For many, dealing with the strict terms of a restraining order can cause a host of personal and professional issues, such as having to move out of your home, interference with custody arrangements and loss of employment. There is also the danger that you may, even accidentally, violate the restraining order, which may result in another criminal charge.

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