Intoxicated Drivers Resource

Punish. Educate. Rehabilitate. Prevent. There are many reasons why there are so many and such a variety of punishments attached to a New Jersey DUI/DWI conviction. For instance, fines and jail time are aimed at punishing you for bad behavior; whereas the installation of an ignition interlock device in your car is intended to prevent you from driving while intoxicated again.

Mandatory for any type of New Jersey alcohol related traffic offense (including boating) committed by a licensed New Jersey driver, the Intoxicated Drivers Resource Center program (IDRC) is intended to educate and rehabilitate you while simultaneously preventing recidivism. Held at one of the many Intoxicated Driver Resource Centers located throughout the state, all New Jersey Intoxicated Driver Program have the following features:

  • Alcohol and highway safety education courses
  • Individual alcohol and drug evaluations to determine if further treatment is needed. If treatment is needed there is a 16-week minimum treatment course, many lasting for much longer.

New Jersey Intoxicated Driver Programs are either twelve consecutive hours in duration (six hours over a two day period) of forty-eight consecutive overnight hours, depending on the specifics of the conviction and individual history. For many individuals, the NJ IDRC course is the first time a driver may recognize that he or she has an unhealthy relationship with drugs or alcohol and represents a chance to confront it head on with the assistance of professionals. For others the images and stories told during the alcohol and highway safety educations courses are eye-opening and enough to never drink and drive again.

Not only is the program mandatory, but it costs money too. For a first time offender, he or she will have to pay: $100 attendance fee to the NJMVC, a $230 first time offender fee to the IDRC and a $100 license restoration fee to the NJMVC. Second time offenders have to pay the basic attendance and license restoration fee with an increased second time offender fee. In addition to fees, there are also significant penalties attached to those individuals that fail to attend or meet the requirements of his or her mandatory IDRC course. When dealing with a New Jersey DWI, it is best to work with an experienced attorney to help get you the best results possible. Get in touch with The Law Offices of Thomas Carroll Blauvelt today.

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