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February 2016 Archives

NJ No Car Insurance

South Brunswick New Jersey No Car Insurance Attorney

Driving in South Brunswick is an expensive endeavor-between your car payments, rising gas prices, car maintenance, registration and insurance it is no wonder that many people try to skimp or ignore the requirement to carry the minimum amount of car insurance at all times. But the legal reality is this: the state of New Jersey requires that all state-registered vehicles to have car insurance and disregarding this very important requirement carries some major fines and penalties-including the possibility of losing your driving privileges forever. If you have been charged with this offense you should get in touch with an experienced South Brunswick attorney immediately.

NJ Commercial Drivers' License Violation

Plainsboro Commercial Drivers' License Violation Attorney

Your car isn't just a way to get from one place to another-it is actually where your paycheck comes from. If you are dealing with a Plainsboro commercial drivers' license violation, we understand the stress and frustration you are experiencing right now. Concerns about the legal uncertainty of your case are totally normal so take a deep breath and keep reading. The unfortunate reality is, you do not need to be working to have what you do on the road impact the status of your commercial drivers' license. Take a look at some of the examples below to see the major impact any type of violation can have on your commercial drivers' license in Plainsboro, New Jersey:

NJ Radar Gun

Sayreville New Jersey Radar Gun Attorney

There are a lot of ways to get pulled over for speeding in Sayreville, New Jersey including: radar guns, pace cars and officer vantage point. Radar guns are an increasingly popular way for police to pull drivers over and because they are supposed to provide an exact speed, many Sayreville police officers prefer this method of ticketing because of the purported accuracy. But just because you have been issued a Sayreville radar gun speeding ticket does not mean that you will be found guilty of the charge. Because of the many primary and secondary penalties attached to a speeding ticket (especially if this is not your first one or you were traveling well over the posted speed limit), you should get in touch with an experienced New Jersey speeding ticket attorney before paying your ticket.

NJ Tailgating

Following another vehicle too closely on the road leads to a lot of accidents. With that in mind, Metuchen, NJ police are always on the lookout for this illegal activity. Governed by NJSA 39:4-89 tailgating is often something Metuchen drivers do on accident and don't realize they might wind up with a hefty New Jersey traffic ticket until they see the flashing police lights.

NJ Leaving the Scene of a Personal Injury Accident

Cars damaged, people looking and lights heading your way-the scene right after an automobile accident is hectic and overwhelming, to say the least. Whether you reacted out of fear, emotion or something else, leaving the scene of a personal injury accident in Milltown, NJ is never a good idea. NJSA 39:4-129 covers this area of law and the 8 points and $500+ fines attached to this offense should alert drivers to just how seriously New Jersey takes this crime. In addition to heavy fines and high points, a driver will also face suspension and potential jail time depending on the circumstances of the accident and individual driving history.

NJ Careless Driving

If you recently received a ticket for careless driving in Middlesex, NJ you are not alone. One of the most common traffic tickets issued by local police, a careless driving conviction carries two point and fines up to $102. What it can also mean is the potential for a suspended license (if those two points take you over the 12 point limit) and increased insurance premiums. Yes, like most Middlesex traffic tickets the worst part of a conviction is actually the secondary punishments.

NJ Driving While Suspended

Monroe, New Jersey is a beautiful place to work, live and shop. And to really enjoy all that Monroe has to offer you need to drive. Losing your ability to drive in Monroe can be an incredibly frustrating and financially draining experience. Imagine how much longer it will take to get to work if you have to take public transportation? Or how difficult it will be to pick your children up from school if you can't drive? Or how much you will need to rely on friends and family to get basic errands done? But you should not make matters worse by driving on a suspended license. If you have been caught for this offense, working with an experienced driving while suspended attorney can help you fight or limit the penalties you are facing.

NJ Provisional License Violation

A New Brunswick provisional license is an exciting time for a young driver. But with increased freedom comes increased responsibility. The city of New Brunswick (along with all of New Jersey) employs a Graduated License Program aimed at slowly increasing driving privileges over a period of two years in order to ensure that a driver learns all the rules of the road. Unfortunately, New Brunswick police are always on the lookout for the slightest infraction by novice drivers so keep that in mind every time you get behind the wheel! With heightened punishments attached to even the smallest traffic ticket, simply accepting the charges against you is rarely the right course of action. Working with an experienced New Jersey provisional license violation attorney can help.

NJ Failure to Yield

East Brunswick, NJ Failure to Yield Attorney

Pedestrian crossings can be a tricky things in East Brunswick, NJ. For starters, they are not always easy to see or predict if they are trying to cross in a given moment. Unfortunately for New Jersey drivers, the police almost always assume a driver and not the pedestrian is the one in the wrong.

NJ Driving Without Insurance

Jamesburg, NJ Driving Without Insurance Attorney

If you are driving without insurance in Jamesburg, NJ watch out! All New Jersey registered cars are legally required to carry liability insurance- simple as that. While your insurance options vary greatly, failure to carry the minimum amount of insurance can get you in serious financial and legal trouble. The logic behind these requirements is fairly simple and straightforward: because car accidents happen, (around six million a year in the United States) there should be some base level of financial compensation available for both you and the other driver should there be injuries, death and damage to the vehicles and individuals involved. If you have ever been in a car accident with an uninsured driver, you likely already know the importance of this requirement and can luckily fall back on your own insurance to help you in these instances.

NJ Fake ID

Belmar, NJ Fake ID Attorney

We get it, the temptation is high. Whether some of your friends are 21 and you are waiting for your special birthday or none of your friends are 21 but you all wish you were, the lure of a club or purchasing and drinking alcohol from a local liquor store is a common one in Belmar, NJ. While Belmar restaurants and bars have an affirmative obligation to always check age, they are especially vigilant during the summer months and holidays when there's more available social time. And fake ID's keep getting more and more sophisticated. The truth is that no one really considers the major consequences of this offense until he or she is charged with it.

NJ Cell Phone Ticket

Highland Park, NJ Cell Phone Ticket Attorney

Let's be honest- the urge to pick up your phone when you drive is always there. Whether you are trying to multi-task while driving or want to call in your dinner on your way home from work, quickly grabbing your phone while driving is something many of us are guilty of at one time or another. Unfortunately, the state of New Jersey was one of the first states to outlaw the use of cell phones while driving and now has what is considered to be the toughest cell phone law in the nation. Since banning cell phones while driving in 2004, Highland Park has become a very popular place to get pulled over and ticketed for this relatively new driving offense. It is also a very common ticket to receive in addition to another offense (i.e. speeding and a cell phone ticket or running a stop sign and a cell phone ticket)

NJ Reckless Driving Ticket

Carteret, NJ Reckless Driving Ticket Attorney

Getting a reckless driving ticket in Carteret (or anywhere in New Jersey) is never fun. Not only do you have to deal with the stress of getting pulled over and attempting to explain your situation to an angry New Jersey cop, but you now have to deal with the financial implications of a hefty Carteret, New Jersey traffic ticket.

NJ Illegal U-Turn

Dunellen, NJ Illegal U-Turn Attorney

Did you know that most Dunellen drivers that receive an illegal U-Turn ticket have no idea that what they were doing was illegal? It's true-many drivers simply miss a sign prohibiting a U-turn and have no idea why they see police lights flashing in their rear view mirror. Whether you knew you did not know what you were doing was illegal, fighting an illegal U-turn ticket in Dunellen, NJ requires the assistance of an experienced attorney. There are two basic scenarios in which a Dunellen driver will get pulled over for this offense: when a driver turns in the opposite direction of traffic with an obstructed view within 500 feet of traffic or (more commonly) when the driver makes a u-turn in an area marked with no u-turn signs.

NJ Improper Passing

Cranbury, NJ Improper Passing Attorney

Traffic tickets in Cranbury NJ are rarely as black and white as the police issuing the ticket Would like a court to thing. Take the charge of improper passing as an example-in many cases a driver might pass a car unaware that he or she is driving in a no pass or construction zone. Or they may pass another Cranbury driver on the wrong side of the road for safety reasons unique to the exact time and circumstance.

NJ Speeding Ticket

Edison, NJ Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Speeders beware! The Edison, New Jersey police force is always on the lookout for you! The truth of the matter is that Edison speeders generate a tremendous amount of revenue for the city and state and police can easily say they saw or clocked someone going even one mile over the posted speed limit. And they do, every single day.

NJ Town Tickets

Uber & Lyft New Jersey Ticket Defense

Tired of waiting for a cab to take you where you want to go? Looking for an alternative source of income or a new career path altogether? So were the founders of companies like Uber and Lyft; which is exactly why they came up with on-demand transportation services that have not only helped to get people to where they want to go faster but also provided part-time and full-time work to anyone with a reliable car and a smartphone. Yet for some reason, a handful of New Jersey cities and towns not only prohibits use of this service but actually goes out of their way to ticket Uber and Lyft drivers operating within the city limits. Included in this list are: Hoboken, Newark, Elizabeth, Jersey City, Fort Lee and Weehawken.

NJ Distracted Driving

South Amboy New Jersey Distracted Driving Attorney

Checking your phone, putting your makeup on and watching your pet are just a handful of examples of common activities drivers in South Amboy that can get pulled over and cited with distracted driving (also referred to as unsafe driving) every single day. The first thing that comes to your mind might be questions about where specifically in the state laws does it say you can't pet your dog and drive? The answer is simple: it doesn't say that specifically, but what it does say is that it is illegal to engage in activities that impair your ability to drive safely. So if a police officer sees that you are paying more attention to your dog than the road, a ticket is likely not very far behind. Every state has some type of general distracted driving law in place to limit activities that might take your eyes off the road, even if it's just for a moment.

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